Slippery When Wet

Ah, the 1980's. A decade that is lush with memories. Ronald Reagan, Ivan Boesky, "Greed is Good," Rambo, The Terminator, The San Francisco 49ers, and...MTV. Maybe the single biggest cultural change of the decade brought us wonderful songs like, Thriller, Round and Round, We're Not Gonna Take It, Video Killed the Radio Star and Run DMC's version of Walk this Way. This Friday night, The Loomers will take the stage at Club Passim and lead an assortment of vocalists through the cream of the crop of the hits of the '80's. I'll be there, center stage, at the end of the night to lead everyone through the song of the decade. So, bring your big hair and head bands along with your sleeveless jean vests and high waisted jeans. One program note, leave your lighters at home, the concert world has switched to cell phones!