Shackles & Ties

cover of Shackles & Ties

released 2004   Rabid Rabbit

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The CD "Shackles & Ties" is a collection of my older songs recorded over a couple of weekends at Brian Doser's studio, My Other Hat, in Wenham. Brian did his best to make me sound my best.

"...Stuart Ferguson writes and performs a collection of
stunning, heartfelt songs on his album Shackles & Ties. He's an
excellent guitar player and fine singer who demonstrates an amazing
ability for capturing life's unending moments in song. And although his
compositions seem to have an underlying current of sadness, there is a
strong sense of hope derived from Ferguson's acute observations. You
won't find any filler on Ferguson's album either. As with many folk
singers, after three or four songs, you get the message. All eleven
songs on Shackles & Ties are masterfully crafted and performed..." -- Metronome Magazine (May 2008)

"What's great about listening to Stuart Ferguson's music is that I genuinely want to listen to it over and over again because I know I'll hear something new or hear something differently in his music or lyrics. How many singer/songwriters do you know that can take you with them to show you the things they want you to see and hear in the songs they write and sing? Doing that is a gift that Stuart is sharing with us all if we take a moment to say yes to his invitation to join him. Stuart's tempo changes and image-laden lyrics will keep your interest throughout Shackles & Ties and even catch you off-guard too. Stuart tells a story with each song that you want to hear over and over again to make sure you get that last crumb and when each song ends, you long to have it on again. Pick up his CD and let his music become intertwined in your life of music."-- John Campbell - Host of Independents Uncovered on (April 2008)

"If Gordon Lightfoot and Cat Stevens were to jam with Styx...I imagine they would come up with something similar to Shackles & Ties. But since that's not likely - thankfully we have Stuart Ferguson to treasure as one of independent music's great songwriting potentials in that vein. Offering up a 2008 version of cool 70's sounds, Stuart delivers some easy listening tuneage, with an honest, down to earth approach to his musical opinion. His vocal talent is exceptional and very unique with an almost high-end "Meatloaf" intensity - which makes it even more embraceable."-- Annette Warner - CoffeeHouse Tour (June 2008)

Photography - Miriam Goodman